Welcome To Green Fuel CNG Conversion Center.

Country’s First and the largest private CNG Conversion Workshop owned by Green Fuel CNG Conversion center. was formally inaugurated on September 2003.

Green Fuel CNG Conversion center is using the World’s best CNG Conversion kits manufactured By LOVATO Spa, Italy and CNG Cylinder manufactured Finetech, Dubai / ENK, Korea for Conversion of vehicles into CNG System.

Latest Model Vehicles Converted successfully into CNG System using Computerized Process at Green Fuel CNGWorkshop

Green Fuel CNG Conversion center converting Diesel vehicles into dedicated CNG system.

Green Fuel CNG Conversion center Workshop in the country and has converted the highest number vehicles into CNG system.

Green Fuel CNG Conversion center also started conversion of octen/petrol vehicles into LPG system at Dhaka workshop with LPG filling facility at Shaymoli, Adabar CNG station.

Two types of CNG Conversion we are doing:

1. Lovato Sequential CNG Kit

Lovato is one of the Italian based company producing CNG Conversion kits. Lovato Sequential CNG Kit is one of the important and famous CNG Kit. Sequential injection system designed for LPG engines from 3 to 8-cylinder, including turbo and Valvetronic. Integrated components to minimize space requirements and reduce the installation time. Advanced electronics, compact and reliable. Simple user interface and intuitive to reduce the time of calibration.


  • 1. Gas unit. Version 3-4 5-8 cylinders and cylinder version unified version for methane and LPG injector emulator integrated.
  • 2. Solution unique patented coalescing filter with interchangeable cartridge with high filtration capacity of injection pressure sensors, map sensor and temperature sensor integrated.
  • 3. Reducer double membrane stage compensated constant output pressure to vary the pressure in the tank.
  • 4. Electroinjectors of reliability extensively tested for this type of gas.
  • 5 switch. allows switching between gas and petrol and shows the gas level in the tank.

2. Conventional CNG Conversion System:


Our Commitment:

Customers are our first priority. It is our mission to serve our customers in a professional and responsive manner, and all of our employees are empowered to do so

Service Highlights:

  • Cylinder Warranty - 5 (Five) years warranty for CNG cylinders
  • Service Warranty - 15 (Fifteen) months or 37000 km of vehicle running; whichever is earlier and covers free services & repairs related to CNG conversion system.
  • Mechanical Parts Guaranty - 15 (Fifteen) months replacement guaranty for mechanical parts of CNG.
  • Extended Warranty Service Card - Expiry of initial 15 months warranty, those who wants to achieve additional 1 (one) year service warranty, they can purchase Extended Warranty Service Card for next 1 (one) year.

Terms and conditions:

  • 1. Warranty is only for CNG conversion system and valid for a period of 15 (Fifteen) months or 37,000 km of running from the day of issuing warranty card, whichever is earlier and covers free service and repair related to only CNG conversion system.
  • 2. 5 (Five) years warranty for CNG cylinders.
  • 3. 15 (Fifteen) months replacement Guaranty for Mechanical Parts of CNG.
  • 4. Warranty does not cover consumable electronic components e.g. selector switch, wiring harnesses, emulator, relay, petrol solenoid valve, regulator solenoid valve and coils, STAP, Potentiometer, Amplifier, LCS ECU, Actuator, shut off valve with solenoid coil [special] and CNG Injectors etc due to poor performance of product, battery, mishandling, immersion in water or damage by any accident.
  • 5. Warranty Service is void if any adjustment or repair is done by any unauthorized technician or person.